UMW monthly meeting – hospitality

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The theme for this month’s UMW meeting was hospitality and self-denial.  Those two kind of hinge together, as we make choices in our lives to help others in a way that is both Christian and responsible.  Was a nice meeting and Louis held the talk, while Elaine and Corry served a delicious lunch.


The thing that I remember most about our talk and discussion, was the willingness and openness to share experiences.  We all have faced times when we were not sure if we should help someone, or if we could even help at all.  Is a hard subject, but everybody had a chance to speak and I think we really found some answers to long-standing questions.  One member mentioned that sometimes if you don’t want to offer money or food, you can offer your time.  To sit and listen, to be a friendly ear and simply be there for another person.

I think we forget that in our lives a lot.  To just be there and listen.  As the Lord listens to our own prayers, we can be there for each other in a way that is both accepting and compassionate.